Trellises/ Decks/ Arbors/ Patios 2


Poolside Patio Trellis

This poolside patio trellis provides welcome relief from the hot summer sun.

Paving Textures

Flagstone steps provide interest around the patio.

Accent Vines

Small accent trellis provides interest around the walkway

Informal Brick Patio

Brick lain on sand within a mortared brick edge creates an informal feel to this patio

Wisteria on Arbor

Purple blossoms abound in the springtime on this vine covered arbor

Shady Flagstone Path

A shady flagstone pathway meanders through an ornamental trellis with vines

Flagstone Patio and Garden

Flagstone in this mountain setting creates a natural feel to the landscape. Plants utilized in the design are rabbit and deer resistant.