Pools/ Spas/ Water Features 1


Spa Waterfall into Pool

Michael designed this custom pool and spa with a recirculating waterfall. The flagstone steps in the lawn match the patio. An automatic retractable pool cover aids in energy conservation and maintenance costs.

Spa and Fountains

The landscape architect designed a waterfall on the other side of this lion head fountain for more water sound and interest. The new pool, decking and gardens are below.

Waterfall, Pool and Gardens

Michael designed this custom fountain and pool with waterfalls on each side. The garden has seasonal interest to delight the users year round.


A close up of the fountain and pool before planting.

Waterfall Retreat

Michael designed this custom spa, steps and waterfall with moss boulders and flagstone. Inset lighting was utilized for safety at each step for enjoyment in the evening.

Natural Falls

A soothing Waterfall near the Spa and Pool.