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Albuquerque Xeriscape Rebate: How you can turn your lawn into water credit dollars.

About Albuquerque Xeriscape Rebate

Although we receive less than 10” of annual rainfall, Albuquerque proves that a vibrant city can indeed succeed amid largely arid surroundings. The city of Albuquerque is still growing, with almost half of New Mexico’s residents already calling Albuquerque their home.  The desert locale allows our population to enjoy almost constant sunshine, about 300 days a year, and dry air and warm temperatures. Modern water technology and conservation programs have helped to take care of many would-be irrigation and water supply issues that would have made such large populations in similar locations nearly impossible in decades past.  One of the conservation programs that performs well in Albuquerque is the Water Authority Xeriscape Rebate program:

Consideration of our desert rainfall is an important factor when planning your dream landscape design. The unpredictable weather in Albuquerque gives us concern each year if we will meet our annual water needs or experience spiraling cycles of drought. We can prepare for these dry periods by designing our landscapes with drought tolerant plants, efficient irrigation design, and proper maintenance for our landscapes. This practice is commonly known as xeriscape.

One way to begin the xeriscape design process is to observe the many native plants available that will provide color and year round interest while being water thrifty as well. You may wish to take a visit to one of the many nurseries in our area such as Plants of the Southwest,  to help generate ideas when evaluating plantings.  Consider the use of a professional design from an experienced  Landscape Architect who can help lay out a functional plan utilizing the many techniques of xeric design.

Landscape Architect for Xeriscaped Gardens

Your Landscape Architect is especially trained and suited to provide the ultimate xeriscape plan.  The Albuquerque Water Authority Xeriscape Rebate program has specific requirements that must be met to qualify for your rebate dollars. Special care should be taken to group the appropriate approved plants together with similar water requirements so that those plants with lower water needs are not over watered on the same irrigation zone of those with higher water needs.  Xeriscaped gardens can include some turf areas, which can be a great functional addition to a home landscape allowing for a splash of green where kids can play. However, your rebate will be based on just the low water use areas that are developed to replace your old lawn layout.

Basically, each square foot of high water use landscape area such as lawn that you convert to a xeric landscape you will receive $1.00 in credits towards your water bill. That can amount to thousands of dollars! Take advantage of this exceptional offer while funds are still available and help our regional water shortage as well. Michael Polikoff, ASLA can help you start your plan today. Please call 505-227-0127 for a free consultation.

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